Every Day Counts

Every day counts in a child’s education. We have 183 school days in a year and it is important we do our best to attend each day. At the recent class meetings I have talked with parents about attendance and our responsibility for recording and reporting absences. Please read the information link here: TUSLA guidelines 

Our overall school attendance has been improving over the last 3 years. In 2013/2014 attendance was at 93.5% which was a big improvement on the previous year. However, last year there was still 2552 days missed in St. Dominic’s due to pupils being absent. This would be the same as 14 pupils missing school for an entire year!

Our school has a reward system for our pupils. We have prizes for the best attenders. Each pupil who attends every day for a term receives a prize. We also have special prizes for annual attendance.

We have just finished the first month of the year and our attendance has been excellent. Please keep it up. The best class was Mr Looney’s who had 98.7% attendance during September. Well done! I will be up to the class tomorrow with a small prize for the class.

Health & Wellbeing Week

A selection of pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes helped to launch the first ever South Dublin County Council Health and Wellbeing Week at Tallaght Stadium this morning. The pupils took part in a range of activities including rugby, football, aerobics, tennis and boxing. They met Olympic medallist Ken Egan and were treated to healthy lunches at the event.

As part of the week, Rang 6 are taking part in the “Bizzy Break” programme, which involves active stretching and exercise for 10 minutes per day in class. To learn more about what’s happening for kids and grown-ups during this SDCC Health and Wellbeing Week, see http://www.sdcc.ie/events

Thanks to the SDCC Sports and Recreation officers for putting on a wonderful event and for organising transport for us.