St Dominic’s girls 5-a-side

Well done to our girls 5-a-side soccer team who participated in the Aviva competition in Irishtown today. Hats off to Mollie who scored a cracking goal and also to Jessica who proved to be very strong up front. Andreea and Megan held their own and a lot more in midfield, while Hannah , Abby and Ebose cleared the ball like it was going out of fashion. Sarah definitely had her weetabix   This morning as she cleared, caught and kicked balls, that Shay Given would have been proud of. Apart from the level of skill shown by the girls, what impressed Ms Hickey and Ms Hogan the most, was the positive attitude and respect the girls showed for themselves, other teams and their school. You did St. Dominic’s proud. Take a bow – well done ! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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