The stage is set…..

All the preparations are done. St. Dominic’s is ready for The Lion King next Tuesday night. The play begins at 7.30pm. Please be in your seats early. There is a sweet shop open before the performance and a bag of goodies is only €1. The shop will close at 7.30pm.


Our 4th and 5th classes have done lots of work to prepare for the performance. They have been busy learning lines, preparing costumes, completing artwork. Here is what some of characters had to say:

Tau (Grace 4th); My favourite song is ‘He Lives in you’ because you get to understand how Simba feels.

Simba (Hannah 4th); Don’t worry if you forget a line, The show must go on!

Mufasa (Stephen 5th); The last few weeks have been nerve-racking but it has been great fun and we cant wait to perform.

Eddie (Ryan 4th); When I found out I was a Hyena in The Lion King I was so excited

Scar (Rachel 4th); I thought it was great, learning all the lines and dances!

Fisi (Filip 4th); The play has a beautiful stage and the first time I was on the stage was a bit nervous, but then it was pretty fun

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