An Taoiseach visit

An Taoiseach visit

On Wednesday,  An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. On Thursday he addressed the hard working staff and guests in Dominic’s Community Centre. He spoke about the importance of community and the sense of warmth and friendship he felt when he arrived at the centre. He presented Fetac level 5 Award certificates to some members of the community, one of whom is a parent from St. Dominic’s. Well done Doreen!

Dominic’s Community Centre provides a wide range of services and facilities to residents, both young and old. Check out their website

Friday Teaser

The European Parliament is made up 754 members who represent some 500 million EU citizens from all the different member states. How many member states make up the European Union?? The first pupil to come to me tomorrow with the answer will win a prize. (Your teacher might be able to help you!)

Mr. Vaughan