Science Week!

This week – November 11th to November 18th – is Science Week across Ireland. Science is an important part of the primary school curriculum. Here in St Dominic’s the girls and boys have some great resources to experiment and learn more about science, including our school garden and our science room. is a great website which can be used by children and adults to learn about science. You can click onto the “Kids” section to play lots of games, find out some cool facts, or print off colouring pages. You can also click into the “Activities” section to check out almost 100 experiments you can try out at home. Let us know if you’ve learned any cool facts – or if there are any games or activities you would recommend!

Lots of the colleges and scientists in Ireland are trying to encourage more girls to participate in Science. We talked about this in 4th class this week. We spoke about famous female scientists such as Marie Curie. We then conducted our own experiment.

The boys and girls in the class were asked to “draw a scientist.” There are 16 girls and 12 boys in the class (28 children in total). 19 of the children drew a male scientist, and only 9 drew a female scientist. This might show that children think of science as being more a “man’s job.” However, this is a much better result than when the experiment was carried out in America, were almost 90% of children drew a man! Science is fun for girls and for boys – and the Primary Science website will help us to have fun and learn more!

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