Appeal for costumes!

Attention all parents/guardians and staff!
After mid term intense work will begin on this year’s musical “The Wizard of Oz”. We want this to be a great production and as professional as possible. We have a budget for costumes and have already organised Dorothy costumes. There are nearly 50 other children in the play who will all have to be dressed for it so I am appealing to all to help with this. I will be able to get a lion and a tin man costume (if no one has these) and to make a scarecrow costume. I would be grateful for donations of any or all of the following: tutus, brightly coloured t shirts, old colourful dresses, old hats, a pink princess dress size 10/11, stripey socks (for munchkins) and anything else you think we might be able to use. When donating could everyone specify if they need the item back or if we can keep it. Anything not used for this play will not go to waste but will be used in future productions. Thanking you all in advance for your help with what is sure to be a great production! Ms Farrell